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18 June 2008 @ 01:02 pm
I don't want my daughter watching TV. PERIOD. This includes Sesame Street and anything else on saintly PBS. I'm really sick of being made to feel like she's losing out on something because I don't want her watching it. Specifically here, I'm talking about Sesame Street. Yesterday my mom and I were at WF and as we walked down the juice aisle I spotted some Sesame Street juice boxes. I pointed to them and said, "That's why she's not watching it." She replied that at least it's healthier than what's at other stores and the show doesn't have commercials for anything else. I disagreed, "It's a commercial for itself. Sesame Street is a commodity in and of itself." I don't want her watching a show that markets itself on all kinds of crap. Actually, let me rephrase--- I don't want her watching anything that markets itself. I don't want her to be two or three years old telling me that she wants some random piece of crap sippy cup because it has Big Bird or Elmo on it. ANd while we're on the topic of Elmo... HOLY SHIT, please make him GO AWAY! I want her to develop her own wants, desires, likes and dislikes. ANd I know she would do that even if she did watch TV. But it's not the same. I want her ask me for stuffed giraffe, or whatever, because there's something about it that appeals to her nature, not because of brand imprinting. Anyways, this post is to establish a place for all that is wrong with Sesame Street.

Let's start here:

Sesame Street Meets Madison Avenue